Monthly Reading Logs

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Are you looking for a way to encourage your students to read at home? These Monthly Reading Logs can be used as a way to motivate children to read independently and track the number of books or minutes that they read every month.


What's Included:

There are two sets of reading logs. The first set say, "Every time you read a book, color a (symbol)!" After a child reads a book independently or listens to a story read aloud, he or she colors in one symbol. On each chart, there are enough symbols for every night. (January = 31, February = 28, etc.) You can have a child read one book a night or have him or her read as many books as he or she wants to and color a symbol for each book.

The second set of reading logs say, "Every time you read for ____ minutes, color in a (symbol)!" You can fill in how many minutes you want your students to read every night.


The symbols for the months include:

January = mittens

February = hearts

March = shamrocks

April = eggs

May = kites

June = suns

July = stars

August = glue bottles

September = acorns

October = pumpkins

November = pies

December = ornaments or snowflakes (2 different reading logs for December)


Information For You: 

This is a digital file. You will receive the PDF or .zip file to download and print.