Easter Morning Tubs for Kindergarten

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Are you looking for a new morning routine? These Easter Morning Tubs are an"egg-cellent" way to start the day. Your students will use these April Morning Tubs to learn and review literacy and math concepts. This set of fun, hands-on activities include 5 literacy and 5 math morning tubs that are perfect for children around the ages of 4-6.

What's Included:

Literacy Morning Tubs:

☼ Easter Egg CVCE Puzzles

These Easter Egg CVCE Puzzles are a hands-on way for children to practice reading CVCE words and matching the word to the picture.

☼ Easter Punctuation Clip Cards

These Easter Punctuation Clip Cards are a fun way for students to read sentences and identify the missing punctuation.

☼ Easter Bunny Onset & Rime

This Easter Bunny Onset and Rime activity is an interactive way for students to practice identifying the onset and rime and matching it to the picture.

☼ Easter Egg Syllable Sort

Your students will count and sort Easter egg picture cards by the number of syllables in the word during this Easter Egg Syllable Sort activity.

☼ Candy Bunny Ending Sounds

This Candy Bunny Ending Sounds activity is an "egg-cellent" way for students to practice identifying the ending sound in CVC words.

Math Morning Tubs:

☼ Easter Bunny Shape Match

This Easter Bunny Shape Matching activity is a fun way for students to practice identifying and sorting shapes.

☼ Easter Bunny Ten Frames

This Easter Bunny Ten Frames activity is a hands-on way for students to practice identify numbers and counting objects to represent the numbers.

☼ Easter Bunny Addition To 10

This Easter Bunny Addition to 10 is a great way for children to practice identifying the missing addend and add to 10.

☼ Jellybean Addition To 10

These Jellybean Addition To 10 Cards are an engaging way for students to practicing adding to the sum of 10.

☼ Easter Egg Subitizing Sort

This Easter Egg Subitizing Sort activity is a entertaining way for children to practice recognizing and sorting numbers.

Information For You:

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