Earth Day Activities

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These Earth Day Activities are a fun and creative way to get children to think, write, and read about how they can help the Earth. In this packet, you will receive an Earth Day mobile craft, a writing prompt with a brainstorming web and word wall cards, two readers for different levels, and an Earth Day crown that your students can make.


What's Included:

✎ I Can Help The Earth Mobile Craft

This Earth Day Mobile Craft is a creative way for your kids to think and write about how they can help the Earth. It includes an Earth, recycle signs, and hearts in both color and black and white. There are a set of recycle signs and hearts with lines for younger writers too.

✎ I Can Help The Earth Writing Prompt

After creating the "I Can Help The Earth" craft, your students can expand their ideas and write more about how they can help the Earth. First, your students can use the word web and word wall cards to brainstorm. They will then write and draw what they can do to help the Earth on one of the 4 different writing papers. There is also a Write the Room worksheet that you can use with the word wall cards, so you can differentiate this resource for your students.

✎ I Can Help The Earth Emergent Reader

Your students will read about some of the many ways that they can help the Earth in these printable books. There are two emergent readers included in this packet to help you differentiate. The first one includes simple sentences and repetitive text like “I can recycle.” The second one is more advanced with sentences like “I can recycle things like cans, plastic bottles, and newspapers.”

✎ I Can Help The Earth Crown

This Earth Day Crown is a simple and fun activity for students to do and wear on Earth Day. In this packet, you have two different crowns and pictures of ways that your students can help the Earth. They can cut out, color, and attach the pictures to the crown.


Information For You: 

This is a digital file. You will receive the PDF or .zip file to download and print.