Back-To-School Fine Motor Tubs

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 These Back-To-School Fine Motor Tubs are a fun, hands-on way for your students develop their fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, and hand muscle strength. These fine motor activities can be used for centers, morning tubs, or as enrichment activities for early finishers.

✎Trace It: Your students will practice tracing 6 different school supplies.

✎ Punch It: Your students will identify the first picture. They will then use a hole punch to punch a hole in all of the pictures that match the first one. You can also have your students cover the picture with dot markers or stickers.

✎ Dough It: Your students will use play dough to the form the 10 different school supply pictures.

✎ Match It: Your students will match the shape to a picture of the real life shape to form a crayon puzzle.

✎ Cut It: Your students will practice cutting on the dotted lines.

✎ Shape It: Your students will use pipe cleaners, wiki sticks, or play dough to form the different crayon box shapes. They can then trace the shapes using a dry erase marker.

✎ Link It: Your students will identify the number on the crayon box. They will then count that number of crayons and attach them to the crayon box using connect links or math links.

✎ Write It: Your students will identify the letter on the clip board. They will then write the letter in a sand or rice tray.

✎ Clip It: Your students will count the number of school supplies on each card. They will then clip a clothes pin on the number that matches the number of school supplies.

✎ Dot It: Your students will dot paint the letters using cotton swabs and paint. 

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